Hostel Admission Rules

Parents seeking hostel accommodation in the school are required to submit a written application to the Principal. If the Principal grants admission, the parents must deposit the hostel fee timely. After obtaining the hostel fee receipt parents have to report to the hostel Warden for the completion of hostel admission formalities. They have to submit the requisite details indicated in the succeeding paragraph After all the formalities have been completed the hostel Warden is informed accordingly and the child is allotted a room etc. A personal file of each child is maintained by the Hostel Warden. Before a student joins the Hostel the following documentation formalities must be completed on forms supplied by the hostel superintendent

  1. Certificate from the local guardian permitting the child to stay with him/her during sickness.
  2. It is compulsory for all hostel students to obtain a health insurance cover. The Performa duly completed must be handed over to the Hostel Warden and placed in the personal file of the student.
  3. A certificate certifying that no cash /costly belongings are in the student’s possession.
  4. A list of articles of clothing and other items to be deposited with the student a copy of which is to be handed over to the Superintendent/Warden.
  5. A Health Certificate regarding medical history etc. must be duly checked and signed by the school doctor, Parents and the hostel Warden concerned.
  6. Indemnifying the school against any damage, sickness accident or death caused in the normal functioning of usual activities.
  7. An authority letter from the parent indicating two names and addresses (with their photographs and telephone numbers) who would act as the local guardian. Kindly note that only those persons will be allowed to become local guardians who are employed have own residence and live in a family environment.
  8. Parents are required to leave a telephone number and address in Firozabad/Agra/Tundla/Sirsaganj for immediate contact in case of emergency.
  9. Hostel requirement of school uniform must be provided by the parents.
  10. Certificate from the Chief Medical Officers that he /she is medically fit.
  11. If a student returns after any illness he/she should bring a fitness certificate get it acknowledged by the school doctor and show it to the warden before he/she rejoins the hostel.