main-img1The GD Goenka has been established to cater to the rising demand for quality education in Firozabad. The School has a proactive approach to education and its foundations are based on the philosophy that quality education requires consistent efforts and new directions in the area of teaching and learning. It is the endeavour of the school to be student centered in its approach and provide a balanced curriculum that results in the development of the overall personality of the students and to help them in becoming thought leaders of tomorrow.

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G.D.Genka provides a natural and secure abode to blossoming children, providing a homely care to each individual.The hostel is ensconced in the campus of the school. The Complex has a well-maintained lush green garden and is surrounded by concrete walls. Round-the-clock security ensures a safe haven for the students.The hostel facility at present is available exclusively for boys from class III to XII. The students are placed in rooms in accordance to their age. They follow a prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to in order to bring about discipline in their routine and create a healthy routine for a lifetime.


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Admission for session 2016-17 would commenced from 01 October,2015.







Dear Parent, Please fill in the details in the Personal Memoranda (in duplicate) given in the almanac as well as the authorization letter given at the end of the almanac latest by 10 May,2016 so that the identity card of your ward can be handed over to you at the earliest .Thanking You.Principal

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